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Seleste headshot smallAt a young age, Seleste deLaney discovered the trick to not being afraid of the monsters under the bed was to turn them into heroes. Since that time, she’s seen enough of human monsters that she prefers to escape to fictional worlds where even the worst demons have to play by the rules and the good guys might end up battered and bruised (or dead), but they always win. And really, isn’t that the way it should be?

She resides in the Detroit area with all her favorite monsters (nice ones—some are furry and the others call her Mom) and is hard at work on her next book. In those rare moments when she isn’t battling terrorists, vampires, or rogue clockworks, she can be found all over the internet, where she loves to interact with readers

You can contact her via email as well, at selestedelaney@gmail.com.

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Agents of TRAIT



Cupid’s Conquests

Santa’s Naughty Elves


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Newsletter and Street Team

Renegades bannerJoin Seleste’s street team: The Renegades!


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Julie Particka

Sexy Moves half headerIf you’re on a quest to find

Seleste deLaney’s

contemporary romance

writing alter-ego,

you’ve come to the right place.

Find Julie Particka right here.

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Find Seleste

In addition to appearances, Seleste can be found blogging

every other Wednesday at The Evil League of Evil Writers


And don’t worry if you can’t make it to any of her appearances.

You can also contact her via email as well, at selestedelaney@gmail.com.




April 12-17, 2016

Las Vegas, NV

Attending, signing, and hosting the Cirque du Punk party Friday night with the Smutketeers and some of our closest author friends!

Click the image for more info on Cirque du Punk!

Click the image for more info on Cirque du Punk!



August 12-14, 2016

Troy, MI

Attending & Signing

2015 Schedule

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January 16-18, 2015

Dearborn, MI


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February 19-21, 2015

San Antonio, TX

Attending & signing



May 12-17, 2015

Dallas, TX

Attending & signing (also participating in the Entangled Candy & Spoons event)



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Cupid’s Conquests

A Multi-Author, Shared-World series from Evernight Publishing!




Cupid still has a lot to learn, and this time he’s heading to college to do it.Griffin and Colby were shoved together by fate during a fraternity hazing game of spin the bottle but, in a world deserted by Cupid, fear and uncertainty pushed them apart.

Now, twelve years later, they’re getting a second chance with each other. A woman in Colby’s life, however, doesn’t like what she sees as competition for his affections, and she’s willing to ruin both men if they don’t bow to her demands. After all this time, are they willing to risk everything for a chance at happiness, or are they destined to lose each other again?

Cupid won’t give up easily though. He has one last game for them to play and, this time, it’s winner take all.

Available now at Evernight Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, & other online retailers





Banished from Olympus with orders to restore love to the world, Eros starts with a match no one sees coming. No one but him.

Straight-laced principal Kira isn’t looking for love, especially not right after getting dumped. Then a chance encounter leads her to Jesse, and damned if she isn’t drawn to the bad-boy with a heart of gold. A night of reckless abandon leaves her confused. Was there something there, or did she imagine the connection between them?

Jesse knows lying to Kira is a mistake, but she’s the first woman in a long time to see the man and not just the rock star. When his plan to come clean goes terribly wrong, Kira bolts, leaving Jesse in the dust.

Now Eros has to nudge the star-crossed lovers together and prove to Zeus that love does exist, even among the gun shy.

Available now at Evernight Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, & other online retailers

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Santa’s Naughty Elves



This Christmas, the best gifts are waiting for those who have been naughty…

And the toys under the tree are not for children. Sexy Santas, naughty elves, and dominant shifters are ready to spread some very kinky Christmas cheer. It’s a good thing the ladies in our stories are looking for anything but vanilla.

Be Warned: ménage sex, anal sex, sex toys, BDSM, spanking.


9 Author Kink Anthology featuring A Few of My Favorite Things by Seleste deLaney

Available now at Evernight Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, & other online retailers






As the temperature drops, the women in this collection of stories find naughty and delicious ways to warm up for the holidays.

A boss with a proposal to make her sweat, a promise from an Italian assistant, a cabin in the middle of nowhere with two men waiting to cater to her every desire, a special surprise for a lonely solider…

All of these encounters and more from ten talented authors.

Get ready for some holiday loving…Evernight style.


10 Author Anthology featuring Making the Naughty List by Seleste deLaney

Available now at Evernight Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, & other online retailers




‘Tis Christmas and everyone is stirring…

From the keeper of Santa’s naughty list, delightful little Elves eager to please, and the sensual love of a toy soldier—the holidays are filled with orgasmic cheer. Where wishes come true, Frosty is itching for a melt-down, fairies and angels are randy to grant your every wish, ‘tis the season to be oh, so jolly-filled.

Unwrap your darkest desires…for this is Christmas, and it will never be the same.

13 Author Anthology featuring Yes Alana, There Is a Santa Claus by Seleste deLaney








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Blood Kissed

TalesoftheBloodKissed-lgTALES OF THE BLOOD KISSED


Every story has a beginning, and the legend of the Blood Kissed began long before Jocelyn was born. Discover how Jocelyn first became involved in the vampire world, how Max and Chad wound up as her dichotomous duo of protectors, and Remy’s views on far too many things. You’ll even get his version of how vampires came into being and why there is always a seat on the council for one known only as Remus.

Start this saga from the beginning, and remember, those who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it.

Coming December 7, 2015 to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, ARe, and Smashwords.



The vampire’s curse has been awakened, and Jocelyn has no choice but to accept her destiny as the Blood Kissed—the one destined to destroy the vampires…or rule them. While Max and Chad want to help her reach her full potential, not all of the supernaturals share their plan.

The Council of Elders, a crazed sorcerer assassin, and a vampire hunter out for revenge have driven Jocelyn into hiding. She and her ragtag army have holed up in the forests of Michigan’s upper peninsula to get ready for the fight. If training is any indication, they should be ready for war by the time she turns fifty.

But no one is going to let her wait that long. War is nigh, the death toll is rising, and when Michigan’s most famous harbinger of doom shows up on the scene, the army of the Blood Kissed is hoping for a miracle, praying to be graced with a little kiss of life…

Available now at AmazonBarnes & Noble, iTunesKoboARe, & Smashwords


KISS OF DEATH148749_343432415720614_111903172206874_990052_2063966828_n

Too many years of killer vamps have triggered the curse of the Blood Kissed. They’ve awakened the bloodline that can alter their world, because her blood has the power to control them all–even make them destroy each other.

Jocelyn thought her troubles with vampires were over when she drove a stake through her boyfriend Max’s heart one year ago. Even though she’s engaged to Chad, she’s never really forgotten him.

Now Max is back, and Chad is taking her into the heart of the vamp community–and they’re the ones trying to keep her alive. The ones who love her and each seek to claim her for their own. Because once the elders know who she is, they’re all going to want her…or want her dead.

Available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other online retailers




Jocelyn has finally found her knight in shining armor in Chad, and ghosts are the last thing on her mind. Even when one shows up in her bedroom on Christmas Eve, Jocelyn’s a bit more concerned about the other guests on the agenda. She’d prefer to never see another vampire, and the ghost tells her to expect not one, but three.

When the one from her past shows up even though he’s supposed to be dead, she decides she’s dreaming and suffers through the night. By the time dawn breaks, she’s not so sure anymore.

But if it’s not a dream that means her nightmare is far from over.

Currently out of print.

Watch for the upcoming Blood Kissed Anthology!




Love is a wonderful thing. Unless you don’t get a choice in the matters of your own heart.

Jocelyn has loved Max since the day she met him. Even when he scares her enough to leave, she can’t resist going back. No matter how many times she tries to break free from him, she ends up in his arms and bed again.

Not this time. Jocelyn needs to be free, and Max isn’t going to stop her from walking away — no matter how hard he tries.

Currently out of print.

Watch for the upcoming Blood Kissed Anthology!

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Clockwork_Mafia_finalCLOCKWORK MAFIA (BADLANDS #2)

Inventor Henrietta Mason is retiring from airships and adventuring to return home to Philadelphia. Determined to erase all trails leading to her late father’s duplicity, she dismantles his lab and removes all records of the Badlands gold. While in the city, she can’t resist the lure of a charity gala but winds up regretting the whole experience. Well, everything except a heart-racing dance with a certain U.S. Marshal.

His career and vengeance on the line, Carson Alexander must prove a connection between Senator Mason and the mafia. He lucked out happening across Mason’s strikingly beautiful daughter, only to have her slip through his fingers. On a desperate hunt to track her down, he never expects his search to take him into the brutal Badlands.

With a mechanically enhanced enforcer after them, only Carson knows the extent of the danger they face. He’ll have to win over Henrietta’s trust, and her heart, before it’s too late…

Available now at Carina Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and other online retailers




After a brutal Civil War, America is a land divided. As commander of her nation’s border guards, Ever is a warrior sworn to protect her country and her queen. When an airship attacks and kills the monarch, Ever must infiltrate enemy territory to bring home the heir to the throne, and the dirigible Dark Hawk is her fastest way to the Union.

Captain Spencer Pierce just wants to pay off the debt he owes on the Dark Hawk and make a life for himself trading across the border. When the queen’s assassination puts the shipping routes at risk, he finds himself Ever’s reluctant ally.

As they fly into danger, Ever and Spencer must battle not only the enemy but also their growing attraction. She refuses to place her heart before duty, and he has always put the needs of his ship and crew above his own desires. Once the princess is rescued, perhaps they can find love in the Badlands—if death doesn’t find them first…

Available now at Carina Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and other online retailers

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Agents of TRAIT

Dying For Keeps - Ignite2


The thrilling conclusion to the Agents of TRAIT series!

Greta Gallagher is TRAIT’s secret weapon. With her uncanny ability to sense trouble before it even happens, she’s an invaluable asset to the team and her partner, Nico Tancredi. Except that ever since she botched the last mission, her “gift” has been completely MIA…and she needs Nico’s help to find it again.

Nico has the ability to manipulate anyone except Greta. His challenge is to figure out how her mind works, without letting their attraction—unspoken and untried—get in the way. It does…and it’s more intense than either of them imagined. But deep in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle, a terrifying secret waits for them both. A secret that doesn’t just threaten their love, but their lives…and the very heart of TRAIT itself.

Available now at AmazonBarnes & NobleiTunesKobo, and other online retailers


Fighting For Keeps - IgniteFIGHTING FOR KEEPS

He made her crazy. In every way imaginable…

Since her partner’s death, Jodi Israel has been perfectly happy playing Q to everyone else’s Bond. Electronics and machines are safer – and they are a lot easier to deal with. Unfortunately, she’s stuck with TRAIT’s newest recruit, an infuriating, arrogant alpha-male who plays by his own rules…and is hot enough to send electric voltage through all of Jodi’s circuitry.
Finn Danby heeds his instincts, even though it’s cost him his job on more than one occasion. The moment he sees Jodi’s fiery hair and uncanny engineering abilities, Finn’s instinct takes over…and it’s all libido. Now they’re working together to protect the unstable daughter of a high-profile politician – and the sparks are flying. Both in and out of the bedroom. But when all hell breaks loose, Finn must decide if he wants to fight against Jodi…or fight for her.

 Available now at AmazonBarnes & NobleiTunesKobo, and other online retailers



Conning For Keeps - Ignite


Lovers undercover…

Secret Agent Marissa Jones has a gift. A con artist to the core, after deep hypnosis she can turn into someone else entirely. Marisa’s gift has gotten her into hot water over the years, but now more so than ever. With her smoking hot partner by her side, she needs to convince him that not only is she her true self, but also that she can be trusted—even in spite of her past.

…or traitors to the cause?

Trevor Harris has his own issues with the mission, he’s got revenge to seek, a cursed painting to secure, and Marissa’s sugary-sweet alter-ego to ignore. But when he releases Marisa from her mental cage and things get a little too hot, he ends up finding out what falling for a con artist really means—bigger trouble than ever before.

 Available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and other online retailers



Gaming For Keeps2 - IgniteGAMING FOR KEEPS

Pen Holloway’s done with men—in real life. Guys in game are so much less drama. But when her partner from Heroes of Fallen Gods invites her to the convention of the year, she panics. What if he’s another jerk? What if he’s not?

Cal Burrows is living his dream of being a spy. One of TRAIT’s misfit spies, but still a spy. It’s the perfect job… until an arms dealer with a taste for blood invades his not-so-secret geek haven. All Cal wanted from ConDamned was to meet his on-line girl. Now, with the threat of mass murder looming, he’s forced to choose between keeping his mission a secret and protecting the girl of his dreams.

Despite their attraction, Pen can’t help but suspect Cal’s hiding something. She also can’t shake the feeling he’s not as much of a stranger as he seems.

Available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and other online retailers

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